The Scourge Project FREE for owners of Scourge: Outbreak

by jordi.monserrat / Wednesday, 23 April 2014 / Published in News

When Scourge: Outbreak was launched on Steam a few weeks ago, all owners of the original ‘The Scourge Project’ (TSP) automatically received a free copy of the remake in their Steam library. One thing we didn’t anticipate was a lot of new Scourge players asking if they could buy the original TSP! After discussing this with Valve, we are happy to announce that ALL owners of Scourge: Outbreak should now have TSP in their library for FREE!

For anyone who hasn’t played the original, this is a great opportunity to see for yourself how much work we put into making the remake so much better than TSP. Please note that TSP comes ‘as is’, so there won’t be any technical support for it, there will probably be various bugs which have since been fixed for Outbreak, and the online multiplayer/co-op modes require Gamespy, which unfortunately will be shutting down in late May 2014.

We’ll continue to listen to our community and do what we can to improve the Scourge: Outbreak experience, both for old fans and new!

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