Scourge: Outbreak delayed on PS3

by jordi.monserrat / Tuesday, 22 April 2014 / Published in News

Since the release of ‘Scourge: Outbreak’ on Xbox Live Arcade, Tragnarion Studios has been hard at working getting the PS3 and Steam versions ready for release. Having passed Sony’s certification for the PS3 version, we were ready to release the game at the end of April 2014. However, the PS3 version uses Gamespy for matchmaking and online games, and Gamespy recently announced that their service would stop working completely in May 2014 (see This put us in a difficult position because we were forced to either release the game knowing that all online play would end one month after launch, or to delay the release so that we can replace Gamespy with another matchmaking solution.

The Multiplayer and Co-op modes in Scourge: Outbreak have proven to be a huge success with fans of our game, so the decision was clear for us. Replacing Gamespy will delay the PS3 release for at least one month, but this means that PS3 fans of our game will be able to play online for as long as they want. We apologize for the delay, but we promise that it will be worth the wait! We’ll make an official announcement as soon as we have a new release date for the PS3 version of Scourge: Outbreak. Tragnarion Studios thanks all of our fans for their patience.

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