Map My Mind revolutionizes the trivia game experience by linking genre-related questions together in a host of fabulous mind maps. Each map offers a unique layout and challenges your trivia knowledge while you explore the relationship between nodes and successfully answer questions. Use your lifelines wisely as you try to reach the goals in each map, or go even further by fully completing maps to prove yourself the true trivia champion of sports, movies, history or any other trivia genre that you can imagine.

Map My Mind features a huge number of questions and 15 unique maps, with much more content available in additional map packs available on the Apple store.

Map My Mind offers two single-player modes: Map and Trivia, as well as online leaderboards to check how much you know about a given subject and see how you compare to other players in your region, country or even around the world.

Map My Mind is one of the most innovative trivia puzzle games to hit the iPhone to date. Its original gameplay and impressive number of questions offers a true challenge for everyone from the knowledge novice to the trivia master!

To find out more about this game, visit the official website: Map My Mind

To know more about this game visit the official website: Map My Mind

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