Doodle Hex is an innovative spell-casting game designed to take full advantage of the Nintendo DS’s touch screen capabilities within a rich, comic book style world. Players assume the role of ‘Doodlers’, students drawn from all over the cosmos to enroll in a secret inter-dimensional school of magic, known as the ‘College of Runes’. Here, they take on the challenge of learning the intricacies of rune-casting and elemental magic from their enigmatic, powerful Professors. The day to day tedium of college life is regularly interrupted by the school’s resident ghost, Kalamazoo, who organizes battles between students as a way to put their runic knowledge and casting skills to the test in the secret “Doodlers’ Club”.

Doodle Hex‘s gameplay takes the form of competitive spell-casting battles where players use the DS stylus to draw their their chosen runes in the centre of the touch screen, summoning spells that transform, attack and weaken their opponent. The ultimate goal is to win by depleting your opponent’s magic energy bar before they can do the same to you. In battle, runes can be unleashed individually or as part of devastating combinations. With over 200 powerful runes offering a multitude of different attacks and effects, a spell shield that requires careful timing, and pets that allow you to cast perfect spells, there are endless opportunities to develop your own unique spell-fighting style in your quest to become the ultimate Doodler.

Doodle Hex features both a single-player and two-player head-to-head experience over Wi-Fi. In single-player mode, Doodlers encounter an increasingly tough roster of challengers, from the toughest students to the most dreaded Professors. In two-player head-to-head mode, you can pit your skills and spells against a friend in an epic runic battle to find out which of you really is the best Doodler. With an exciting single-player campaign, head-to-head Wi-Fi action,14 playable characters, over 200 spells, 250 available challenges, and a wide range of unlockable bonuses, Doodle Hex combines fighting and puzzle gameplay to make one of the most rich and innovative games to hit Nintendo DS to date.

To find out more about this game, visit the official website: Doodle Hex

To know more about this game visit the official website: Doodle Hex

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